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Some of my previous work and cars, along with some of the stunning customer cars I’ve been lucky enough to work on over the last 20 years
  • Tom Fawdry - 56 Porsche 356
    "knowledge is power, and Ian's knowledge certainly produces horsepower. His meticulous approach to building and maintaining engines both stock and high performance for several of my projects over the last 20 years means I simply wouldn't go elsewhere"
  • Steve Wright. Racer, restorer and writer of old Porsches and classic VW
    "Ian has built four cars for me in the past seven years and provides all manner of race preparation and engine building to support my historic racing exploits. When you're racing an old car at ten tenths (and often beyond) you need to have the confidence that it's screwed together properly.
    His ability to extract significant and reliable horsepower is second to none and his sympathy and knowledge for these old cars is unbelievable. He's also an easy guy to work with and the kind of guy you can trust your car to. He's without doubt one of the best air-cooled VW and Porsche engine builders anywhere in the world."
  • Darren Mills - 1966 Cal-look bug
    " I asked Ian to build me an engine for the street, but one I could take to the strip. Wow! I got a reliable 12 second street car"
  • Phil Jarvis - The Fire Bus
    "I used Ian at Wolfsburg Performance for the new engine for my bus (The Fire Bus), his knowledge of Porsche and VW engines is second to none, we were expecting mid 12 sec quarter mile times but after final setting up and bedding in we are now pulling mid 11's on a 2387cc flat four naturally aspirated engine"